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Did You Move in 2017?

Californians, did you move last year?  If you have not already done so, you need to register to vote at your new address.  The deadline to register to vote in the June Primary is May 21.  You cannot vote at your old polling place.  Anyone with an address change, name change or change of party affiliation must re-register, even if you just moved to a different apartment in the same complex.  It will only take a couple of minutes to compete, so please do it now!  Simply go to and complete the registration online. 


1.  If someone will be 18 by election day they can register now.
2.  If someone is 16 or 17 they can pre-register and then when they turn 18 they will automatically be eligible to vote.
3.  On the form you can elect to vote by mail.  This is recommended as you know your vote will happen, even if you or the kids are sick or you’re unexpectedly out of town on business.  If you like to go to the polls, (as I do), you can still go just to drop off your ballot and get an “I voted” sticker  Smile
4.  In the section on the registration form where you can pick party affiliation, many are confused by the option “American Independent Party”.   This is a far right party and selecting them does not mean you are registering as an independent.  To register without a party affiliation check the box that reads, “I do not want to declare a political party preference.”

Even if you didn’t move, we all know people who moved since the last election so please share this post with them.  We have all learned the power of the vote, so please make sure your voice is heard!
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