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Have you ever had a contractor come to your home and give you a bid only to have your jaw drop in disbelief as the quote turns out to be hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than you anticipated?  If you live in San Diego, the answer is probably “yes”.   It turns out that like everything else in southern California, you will generally spend more on home renovations here than you would pay in many other parts of the country.  But what is a fair price here in America...

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If it seems like the San Diego market is choking on high prices and reduced inventory, you’re correct.  But San Diego isn’t the only market being impacted. 

Never in history have there been more eyes on fewer homes than today.”  

That startling statement comes from Javier Vivas, Director of Research for  And he isn’t referring to the traditionally hot markets.  Nationwide, there were 1.29 million listings in March which is 8%...

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